Myanmar which is changing to Industrial Production System, need to plantation of Human Resource. At the time of now for mainly objection is teach to developing technique and method of Management after send to Japan for Employee.

Export of Trainees for Management Technician are use to multi corner of Myanmar for improve by one side of developing of Myanmar.

1. To teach to suability to project of ability to production and skill of working for need to Japanese Literature and Language and basic foundation of discipline, neat and tidy, cleaning and obedient at Japan.
2. Re-appointed to return Trainee from Japan to co concerned working place.
3. To support to any investment work at Myanmar from Japan by Production Technique of
Japan and skill Human Resource of Employee.

Choice to Trainee

Choice to Trainee as follow to support for develop to mother country for skilled of Technique and method of Management within 3 years of Training period. Mainly choice to
1. Fully understood to Training System
2. Person of would like to want skill any subject of Japan
3. Person of would like to want to skill to Japanese Literature.
4. Person of full to self ability and fully working experience.
5. Person of honest and try

Next choice for surely to

1. Free from of criminal record
2. Person of do not go to Japan as Trainee
3. Free from of Health Problem for effect to working
4. Person of passed to Medical check
5. Person of not run away

Preparation Course

Teach to basic Language, talk for particulars of working about and Japanese Traditional Custom for over 160 hours.

Preparation Coursearrow-02Interviewarrow-02Subject        arrow-02Intern Training
  • Japanese Basic skill
  • Numbers & Identity Matrix
  • Usage of Numbers & Verbs
  • Basic Conversation
  • Basic Grammar
  • Cultural & Habit
  • Life Style of Japanese
  • Daily Conversation
  • Skill Training
  • The Content &
    Purpose of Learning
  • Workplace & Dormitory Rule
3 yearsTraining
Visa in Japan


Training Class Location